A retrospective of a life long passion.

By Tom Dadisman 

Music became a driving force early in Greg Nuebel’s life, with classical piano lessons starting in the third grade and singing in the church choir.  By age twelve, he had explored most of what the piano and organ had to offer and began to develop interest in other instruments such as the trumpet, trombone, and guitars.  Then in high school, a love for rock music developed and he played keyboards in a group with his brother and cousins.  This endeavor elevated his natural talent to play music by ear. He also played piano in the high school jazz band, and this eventually lead to the formation of another group in the image of bands like Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, and Buddy Miles. 

After high school, Greg concentrated on furthering his education in college.  He also started to write music and discovered it was an interesting extension to his talent of playing instruments and singing.  As with most of his pursuits, writing became a passion and he wrote songs for friends and about life.  

At twenty-two, Greg was pulled to Colorado. There he formed a blue grass band with some friends and the quartet played venues up and down the front range of the Rockies. At this point, the writing skills surfaced even more, and he began recording the originals at a friend's studio.  After entering several in a Miller Brewing Company sponsored talent contest at radio station KPKE, he was quite excited to have one land a spot on the resulting album -Colorado Rocks (1982).  

Greg's ongoing songwriting efforts lead to the production of a self-titled debut album in 1996. was always a dream to write, record, and produce an album of my originals which was very exciting…since the album I have continued to write many new songs some of which are in the song library on this site with others to follow as soon as they are professionally recorded. 

…the next dream I have is to find a producer who would consider letting me write original music for a movie, that is a creative challenge I have always wanted to tackle.

Greg Nuebel 

As a songwriter, Greg has written quite a number of songs in many styles and flavors, and he loves to sing.  It is a wish that people find enjoyment in his art, as he continues the pursuit of a life long!